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What Is Graves' Disease—And Should You Be Worried About It?

Wendy also stated on her show that she is suffering from hyperthyroidism, that is, an overactive thyroid gland, too.

According to Wendy, she postponed an appointment with her endocrinologist in December, but finally managed to get him to the doctor's office on Tuesday. "My doctor has prescribed – are you ready? – like today, three weeks of vacation, "she said. "Who are you?"

Wendy's announcement came a week after she revealed on Instagram that she had to cancel several shows due to "flu-like symptoms." "I feel bad," she said in the video message, "I had to be excluded from my job today."

She also fainted during a Live broadcast of her show on Halloween, which she later claimed to be due to her "overheating" in her costume. 19659006] Wow @WendyWilliams fainted on the show today. "It was not a stunt, I overheated in my suit and I fainted." pic.twitter.com/DsuwcS63Ye

– Dave Quinn (@NineDaves) October 31, 2017

While Graves' Disease, Really?

Graves Disease is a Systemic Disorder immune that causes the overprod uction of thyroid hormones, according to the Mayo Clinic. Although hyperthyroidism may be due to many causes, Graves' disease is a common cause, says the body.

The disease is not widespread, but it is not totally uncommon either. the United States, according to the US National Library of Medicine. The symptoms usually include anxiety and irritability, tremor in the hands or fingers, sensitivity to heat, unexplained weight loss, unexplained weight loss. change in your menstrual cycles, frequent bowel movements, bulging eyes, tiredness, thick red skin that is usually on the shins or upper feet, and heart palpitations, says the Mayo Clinic.

Unfortunately, you do not develop Graves. & # 39; disease, then get rid of it. "Serious" is a chronic disease, "says women's health expert, Jennifer Wider, MD." Symptoms can wax and shrink, and it can be managed. "

What can you do about it?

Every case of Graves' disease is different, and the treatment ultimately depends on the person and how his illness manifests itself, says Wider. However, the treatment usually includes anti-thyroid drugs, the radioactive iodine therapy, which destroys overactive thyroid cells over time, beta-blockers, which block the effect of hormones on the body and surgery to remove all or part of the thyroid. MD, a primary care physician at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore.

"Because of the treatment, most people develop the opposite condition – hypothyroidism – and therefore need to take replacement thyroid hormones for the rest of their lives," says Besser.

There is no way to prevent Graves' disease, but medications can usually help people manage it effectively, says Wider.

Wendy joked about her show that she will be "back in two [weeks]", adding, "I'm not an heiress, who will pay my bills? Are you serious? I'm just saying, I come from the working class. "

Despite the jokes, Wendy emphasized that women should put their health first. "What I want to say to women, more than men, is to stop putting everyone first because if we are not good, they are not good," he said. she said.

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