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This Woman Gave Birth In the Hospital Hallway And The Photos Are Unbelievable

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She and her husband, Travis, brought her back to the hospital, speeding along almost empty roads at 3 am, with Jes working on the front seat. When they arrived at the very quiet emergency room, Tammy met them in the parking lot. While Travis was helping Jes to enter the emergency room, Tammy ran to report a nurse. But the baby was not waiting: as soon as Jes set foot in the hallway of the hospital, she knew that her son was just arriving at that time.

In her birth video, Jes says that she does not think nurses understand the situation. "Everyone thinks when it's time, it's really time, but her head was there," she explains. "I said," Ok Travis, that's it, he's really here, you have to catch him. "

I could feel Max's crowning head, and" without hesitation, "Rememberes Jes, Travis bent down to catch him. At that time, the nurses (finally) arrived to help locate Jes on his back and train him to delivery. With a big push, out came Max. "He arrived on the floor right at the entrance to the emergency room at 3:38 in the morning," she wrote on Little Leapling. "Less than 25 minutes after the time my water broke at home, and only moments after our entry into the hospital."

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there from beginning to end, she understood everything about the movie. "Tammy stayed with us and took some more amazing pictures of his first moments and our first moments with him, with our first son," says Jes in the video. The photographer also stayed to take pictures of the five girls of Jes and Travis who were meeting their little brother for the first time: "I'm so happy to have had Tammy to capture all that." I did not this fuzzy memory, but I see it, on a movie, from the way it happened, "says Jes. "It was beautiful and something that I will cherish for the rest of my life."

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