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This Water Bottle Makes Hydration Tracking Easy

Recently, however, I finally found a strategy that works: the 50 Strong OZ Count water bottle. It keeps track of how much you drink directly on the bottle, eliminating the need for an app or an external tracking system. The way it works is simple: the bottle has eight etched water droplets, and inside each drop there is a number. When you fill the bottle, you move the lanyard to the next number. Easy! The 24-ounce bottle contains a straw for a dry, stress-free, and its slim waist allows it to fit comfortably into my purse and into the cupholders of my car. Not to mention, it's less than $ 20 on Amazon (and is eligible for the two-day Prime shipping).

Keep Your Bottle Clean With These Tips And Tricks:

Not only does the use of this bottle help me track my water effectively, but it also encourages me to drink more. It sounds silly to me, but I really like to move the lanyard to the next numbered water drop. Hey, everything that works, right?

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