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This Super-Simple Move Works Your Abs Like No Other

How to do it

Lie face down, arms stretched out to the ceiling, directly on your shoulders, and knees bent 90 degrees on the hips, calves parallel to the floor. Keep your shoulders and feet flexed, engage your heart, and extend your right arm and left leg away from you. Tap your heel to the ground and return to the center. Repeat immediately on the opposite side. Continue alternating sides for a total of 16 repetitions (eight on each side). Try this move three to four times a week to see the results.

To Make It Easier

Keep your arms still and focus on your lower body, extending one leg to the ground at a time. Once you feel stronger / more comfortable, incorporate the upper body.

When to make it harder

Once you've nailed the shape – and make no mistake, it's one of those movements where form is all about progressing the exercise by adding some repetitions or additional sets. And if you really want to go to the next level, you can add dumbbells, ankle weights and / or resistance bands. "If you're able to perform three to four sets of 10 to 20 repetitions with a perfect shape, it's perfectly safe to add weights," explains Rosante.

Benefits of the Dead Bug

The dead bug is what is called a dynamic warm-up movement, which means that it is good to launch a rigorous abs workout to wake up your trunk and make each exercise more effective. "The most important thing to remember when doing exercise is to keep your abs tight and your lower back sunk into the ground," says Rosante. "Do not leave your lower or upper back arch while doing arm and leg movements."

But the dead bug also accompanies other important benefits to the body. Synchronizing your opposing arm and leg movements is a great way to train your coordination, says Rosante. And at a time when most people struggle with mobility problems with sitting all day, dead insects can help you expand your range of motion

"Most people have difficulty raise their arms. They have trouble twisting and stretching on their hips without using the lower back, "he says. "If you are trying to raise your arms above your head by isolating the motion at the shoulder joint and you do not get to have one or both of them without you arch your back and ribs, that's a good indicator. work on the mobility of the shoulder. "And it's something that dead insects can certainly help." This movement helps you isolate the movements of your shoulders and hips while keeping your spine stable, "explains Rosante.

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