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This Shocking Factor Might Make Your Partner More Likely To Cheat

For the study, researchers from Florida State University followed 233 newlywed couples, noting their relationship status, satisfaction, and cheating behavior over a three-year period.

And get this: People were more likely to cheat satisfied with sex in their current relationship (what ?!). The explanation: It's possible that simply loving sex can bring somebody to cheat even if he feels good about his relationship, according to the researchers.

Men who had more sex in the short term before marriage or saw their partners less attractive, were also more likely to be cheaters.

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But the study becomes even more interesting: the researchers submit each couple to some tests psychological. In one test, the researchers noted how quickly participants turned their eyes away from pictures of seductive people of the opposite sex.

In another, they analyzed the likelihood that participants downplay the lure of a beautiful person

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The crazy result? 100 milliseconds faster to distract your attention from a beautiful person decreased the chances of cheating by 50%.

This is not necessarily a behavior that people know or can change on their own. "These processes are largely spontaneous and effortless, and they can be somewhat shaped by biology and / or early childhood experiences," said Jim McNulty, lead author of the study, in a statement. press release


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