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This Is Why Your Steel Cut Oatmeal Keeps Turning Green

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Why does this happen?

Doehlert and his colleagues suspect that consumer complaints about oat turning green are mainly due to minerals in the water. If your water comes from a well, he says, it might contain enough iron to produce a greenish color during the cooking process.

"We also noticed that oats turn green under alkaline conditions," he says. endorsementheramides but it is doubtful whether this is the culprit. "I've always thought that it was unlikely that people would prepare oats under the alkaline conditions necessary to achieve this reaction, but we have documented the colors of these compounds change to an alkaline pH." that we could never observe a consumer's oat turning green, the explanation of iron seems more likely because the iron will neutralize itself within minutes of the well. "

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Do I have to throw it away?

Although it may seem unappetizing, oats are perfect to eat – and the iron in your water will not hurt you. "Green oats should be healthy to eat – even though people who have reported green oats were reluctant to eat it! But I can not think of anything that would make oats dangerous, says Doehlert

Does this happen with other types of oatmeal?

Theoretically, yes, but it happens more often with oats for unknown reasons. "Any cut of oats can turn green according to our theories," says Doehlert. "But all the reported cases of green oats that I know have occurred with cut steel oats."

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How to prevent it?

Try cooking your oats with filtered water and a non-reactive pot or let the cooking water sit in the air for about an hour before mixing with the water. ; oats. "Letting the water sit on a counter for an hour would prevent the appearance of the green color," says Doehlert, "but that assumes that the individual draws his water from a well and Well water contains iron.You would also like to avoid cooking in too alkaline conditions, but I do not expect people to normally add baking soda to their oats when they cook. – I would not do it! "

Green rotating oatmeal appeared originally on Rodale's organic life.

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