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This Is The Sex Position Men And Women Say They're Least Comfortable With

The survey, which surveyed 1,000 men and women in US and European relations about their sexual preferences, found that people are generally willing to try new sexual positions with their peers. partners. However, respondents noted that they felt more anxiety about the possibility of adding sex toys and naughty sex acts to their routines – 35.7% of American men and 41.4 % of American women said that the idea of ​​trying sex acts as servitude, S & M and public. sex made them anxious.

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People may be downstairs to try new positions, but not all sexual positions are equal – at least in respondents' eyes to the survey. The least attractive sexual position for both men and women was standing, with 42.7% of men and 56.8% of women judging it the least comfortable.

Here is a sex-toy through the story:

"Sex in a standing position may seem challenging in theory, but it can also be harder to get by" says the report.

Anal sex and kneeling wheelbarrow were the second and third most anxiety-provoking. (Considering trying anal sex? Here are 8 things you need to know.)

"In the end, honest communication is your best tool for exploring your partner's body and discovering new ways of satisfying sexual. "

Regarding the positions that people said were the most comfortable, the respondents were rather in favor of the missionary, doggie and cowgirl

Whatever your preferences, do not feel not weird or "god yes, I am super in that" – that's the open discussion that matters most. The best thing you can do for your sex life is to talk about it more often with your partner, no matter how long you have been together, so that you are always on the same page. If you need advice on how to talk to your partner about your needs, check out our comprehensive guide to overcoming the 6 most common sexual problems.

Finally, if you try to stand up, we are happy for you. But if you hurt yourself in the process, do not cry.

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