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This Is the Only Sports Bra That Supports My 42DDs

That changed, however, after meeting the sports bra of my dreams: LIVI Active LIVI Active High Impact Molded Underwire Sports Bra, recommended by a friend who is a 44DDD. At $ 50, that's twice as much as any other sports bra I've bought, but I was desperate and I did not know how much longer I would wear three bras at a time.

As soon as I started training in my new Lane Bryant bra, I realized how bad my situation of three bras had been. Instead of worrying about while -uniboob, overflow, bounce, pain, you name it I did not think about my breasts at all, and was able to focus on my training. A three-staple closure in the back keeps everything in place, while a wide band never digs or creates an uncomfortable rear bulge. An underwire provides extra support and keeps my chest raised, not flabby.

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Here's the real kicker, though: Not only is it an excellent bra for exercise, but this bra is comfortable enough to wear all day. need to adjust cups, tape or straps. I found myself wearing it so much that I decided to take another to wear the days I did not work.

If you do not like the idea of ​​dropping $ 50 on something you're going to sweat, know this: I've had my Bryant Lane sports bras for about two years , and they look good like new.

Sizing starts at 38D and rises to 48DD, and costs between $ 44 and $ 60, depending on your size. Pick up on lanebryant.com.

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