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The Ideal Daily Routine For A Perfect Night’s Sleep, According To Experts

Sleep. It's one of the most basic things our body needs (in addition to food, water and light), and yet, it's something that Escape to many of us. Now, more than ever, a series of disruptive sleep circumstances has the power to pound us everyday – computer light, late dinners, and work until bedtime, to name a few. -uns.

But we could rethink these damaging activities if we start to think how deeply they can affect our sleep, and in turn, our overall health. Michael J. Breus, PhD, of The Sleep Doctor, sums it up, saying, "Sleep is healing. This is the moment for physical and mental restoration. "

Rebecca Robbins, PhD, researcher at the NYU School of Medicine, agrees." Sleep is the food for the brain and the body, "she says," during sleep, our brains go through by complex stages of rest, then activity.We see sleep every night potentially playing an important role in reducing our risk for chronic and life-threatening conditions, as well as neurocognitive decline later in life. "

And Janet K. Kennedy, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and founder of NYC Sleep Doctor, believes in the recuperative effects of sleep. "The body and the mind repair the damage of the day during sleep," she says. "Chronic sleep deprivation affects a wide range of functions: learning and memory, immunity and resistance to infection, response time, concentration, insulin resistance, weight gain, and mood. "

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These health problems should be motivating enough for you to sleep well, but if you need more sleep, the idea of ​​energized and fatigue-free days does not attract you? Whatever your reason, quality sleep can be yours, from the moment you wake up and when Put your head on your pillow at night Our experts will guide you through a day that can help you promote your best night's sleep.

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