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The Best Smoothie Blenders For Every Budget

How can you improve the operation of a mixer ? Masters offers these helpful tips.

Layer carefully. Here is the order in which the ingredients must be added for the most effective mixture:
1. Liquids will help the blades move easily when you turn on your blender.
2. Powders (eg, protein powders, cocoa powder) should go after the liquids and before the solids so that they do not fly off and do not stick to the lid.
3. Soft foods like bananas and cucumbers go next
4. Hard foods, such as frozen fruits and raw vegetables, follow
5. Ice cubes go last. They help the blades remove all other ingredients.

Soak and cut. Even with high power mixers, it is good to soak hard ingredients such as nuts, seeds and dried fruits before mixing. Cutting or grating fibrous vegetables like beets, carrots and ginger is also a good idea. These strategies reduce stress on the engine and improve the smoothie's texture. (Looking for new smoothie ideas? Do not miss these delicious vegetable smoothie recipes!)

Start slowly. Do not crawl your mixer to the highest setting right away. Start down and make your way. This will reduce engine wear, help blend better and prevent food from spilling on the lid and sides.

For even more tips and tricks, read these common smoothie mistakes to be able to lead clear!

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