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The Best Products For Grooming Your Lady 'Stache

1. Wash first
Clean skin is crucial. "You do not want the bacteria that hide on your face to penetrate deeper into your skin, as this could lead to an infection that could cause scarring, and it's a much bigger problem than facial hair," explains Henry. 2. Go with the Grain
This is not negotiable when you pass a blade over your skin or you grab it (pull the hair in the direction they grow). Otherwise, you risk becoming incarnate.

3. A comfort skin after ablation
A serum or lotion containing lactic or salicylic acid "will soothe your follicles," says Henry, "and will warn people incarnate." (Yes, those bastards again!) Try Origins Original Skin Moisturizing Matte ($ 34, origins.com).

The derms we talked about are not great fans of waxing or chemical-based (especially if you are using a retinoid, because it can irritate the already compromised epidermis said Henry). Your best bet is plucking or shaving: The devices here are one form or the other but are carefully designed and calibrated to make grooming the contours of your cup easier and faster, leaving no nicks behind.

You smooth up to four weeks because they remove the hairs at the root. The shaving tools give you about a week. Also: Unlike the tradition of grooming, shaving your face will not leave you with coarser culms – it might just seem thicker because the ends are now dull, not tapered as they were.

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