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The 6 Best Things To Order At IHOP, According To Nutritionists

Get Ready, Everyone: IHOP Distributes Free Pancakes for National Pancake Day

Now, it's no secret that most crepes at IHOP will leave you there. Feel like having a bomb loaded with syrup in your gut all day long.

But that does not mean you should refrain from this deliciously fluffy treat. Just follow this rule: order one or two small pancakes on the side rather than a full stack for your full meal.

"Eating only carbohydrates for breakfast is a recipe for blood sugar spikes, sugar snacks and mid-morning hunger" Christy Brissette, RD Instead, focus on dishes with protein and vegetables to ensure you have a breakfast filled with nutrients.

Brissette recommends limiting your consumption of flour. meal at 500 calories or less. If your order is complete, make splitsies or ask your server to take half of your order in advance.

Here, three nutritionists share their healthiest suggestions from the IHOP breakfast menu:

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