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The 5 Best Drinks To Order At Smoothie King, According To Nutritionists

Pre-workout, post-workout, breakfast, lunch or snack – you love your smoothies (we too!). They are a quick and easy way to get fruits and vegetables and feed on additional nutrients and superfoods. And for those times where your fridge is not stocked or you have to have a drink and go, enter Smoothie King.

But smoothies can be tricky business. It is easy to overload your mixer with fruits and fixings. The result? An icy cold drink of calories and sugar that is more milkshake than a healthy drink.

The good news? Smoothie King announced late 2017 that it would eliminate added sugar from over 50 of its smoothies and also eliminate artificial flavors, dyes and preservatives. In addition, its blends do not contain high fructose corn syrup or trans fat, according to their website.

Although this is a step in the right direction, you should always check the nutritional data of your smoothie before placing your order. . "Choose options that contain less than 40 grams of sugar," says Rebecca Ditkoff, R.D., founder of Nutrition by RD. But remember, moderation is key: "There is still a lot of sugar to consume in one sitting, especially if it's consumed regularly," says Ditkoff.

You can also increase the nutritional profile of your smoothie. "Order kale as an add-in for any smoothie," says Lindsey Pine, R.D.N. "You'll get an extra boost of folic acid, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C and fiber, the smoothies have so much flavor with the other ingredients, so they will not even taste kale!" [19659002] Another advice? Ask for two cups. "Size matters, especially when it comes to smoothies." Large portions can lead to excessive consumption of calories and sugar, which can affect our waistline and our overall health, says Mr. Ditkoff: "Either share it with a friend or bring it home and place it in the freezer for another day," she says.

We asked three nutritionists to review the Smoothie King menu and find the right choices Here are their best choices:

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