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'I Tried The Mediterranean Diet To Lose Weight—Here's What Happened'

"Because the Mediterranean diet relies mainly on fresh foods and your ability to prepare them, a person with limited cooking skills may have a steep learning curve at the beginning of the diet," explains Deborah Malkoff. , New York nutritionist. -Cohen RD I am most definitely a person with "limited cooking skills", so I opted for recipes that contain as few ingredients as possible: cinnamon apple oatmeal, lemon tuna salad and fettuccine parmesan sauce with garlic, among others. I've also chosen recipes that had as many overlapping ingredients as possible so that food preparation is not so complicated. This decreased the chances of losing weight and getting back to my habits.

It was not so much learning about different cooking techniques that I found difficult, since the recipes I chose involved only basic ones like sauteing, boiling and baking. (Although I learned to cook a nasty fish!)

My challenges were more than getting the right cooking times (my stove seemed to cook the dishes more slowly than the recommended times in the recipes) , to learn to recognize certain foods like pasta were "made", and matching the main dishes and sides so that the process of doing them at the same time was harmonious.For example, make a salad or sautéed vegetables while the main course roasts in the oven, instead

I bought everything there was new, nothing prepacked or frozen, which was well outside of my comfort zone, the preparation took forever (I'm the slowest helicopter in the world!) easier than the diet because after the initial extravagance of hash, you did not to prepare what you eat as you go.

This does not mean that all the shortcuts to save time on the preparation are unhealthy gravitate toward them). "These days, you can easily It's easy to find healthy frozen meals to help you live a Mediterranean lifestyle if cooking from scratch seems too intimidating and stressful," says Beckerman. Frozen quinoa and brown rice to increase your intake of whole grains. "The trick is to avoid frozen meals with wrapping, added sugar or sauces, she says. steam and simply add olive oil and lemon to your dish for a Mediterranean touch.

The biggest adjustment I've made was to make homemade snacks instead of # 39, buy prepackaged, want to do it for a moment.The number one thing that wreaks havoc on my eating habits is when I'm hungry in the middle of the job.Not wanting to break my attention, I always turn to a less than stellar sneak for to see me through.This time, I used my list of snacks. On paper, the snacks seemed boring, their simplicity too good to be true – an apple with almond butter, a hard-boiled egg, 30 pistachio nuts, a sliced ​​tomato with grated parmesan cheese – but not only did they have better Tasted that my go-to snacks of yore, they kept me satisfied until the meal time (and for a fraction of the calories that I would have swallowed if I turned to a pre snack) -emballée).

Looking for easy snacks? Check out these 13 delicious ways to spice up a hummus pot:

At first, it was super difficult to keep the kitchen clean and organized. The more dishes you had, the less I wanted to eat (after all, more meals means more mess). At the end of the first week, I started doing all that was clean to maintain the kitchen while I was cooking, and that made all the difference. I also enjoyed each meal even more, because I knew that I had no mess that was waiting for me once I had finished eating.

But the most surprising thing that I learned? By putting more effort into my eating habits, I finally spent less time in the kitchen than when I was doing everything I could to avoid it. Because the foods I ate kept me much longer than the pleasures of instant gratification that I usually used, it freed my mind to focus on other things – I was not there anymore. obsessed what shortcut I should use to ward off the hunger pangs that were inevitable.

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