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How To Apply Liquid Lipstick Without Looking Like A Hot Mess


That is why Audrey Abner, a physiotherapist, says that she only wears shiny lipstick "every other month of July". Translation: Never.

Enter Kelli J. Bartlett, a makeup artist and the director of art at Glamsquad. She decided to help Audrey get out of her comfort zone by making her try a liquid lipstick. "They are super saturated and they tend to wear all day," says Bartlett. Her choice for Audrey: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Beso ($ 22, sephora.com). It's a cult favorite – and really stays put. All. Day.

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Another advantage with liquid lipsticks: They are very easy to apply. "Normally, when we talk about making a perfect lip, red, I say you have four steps," says Bartlett. "You must prepare, define, paint, and then perfect." With a liquid lip, all you do is paint, it's very easy to slide in the morning and not think about the rest of the day.

To get the perfect shape, Bartlett paints a small "X" "in the arch of the lips with the pointed part of the lipstick wand, then the bottom lines.It finishes by carefully filling in the color with the flat part of the lipstick stick.The dubbing technique will help keep this super-saturated tinge in place, no smear around your mouth.Because you want to bandage a bold lip, do not win a contest. look-alike IT:


No matter what kind of rut of makeup you are, this The product clearly has the potential to transform quickly your look without even trying to do it very hard.Talk about a win-win!

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