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Here’s Why Your Man Should Be Doing Kegel Exercises

But no matter the cause, the consequences can be unpleasant. The weakness of the pelvic floor muscles can result in dribbling after urination, incontinence and even problems in the bedroom. The good news: strengthening these muscles with regular Kegel exercises can help.

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How Does It Work? The strong muscles of the pelvic floor promote a healthy function of the urine and bowel by supporting the bladder and colon. This can end an uncomfortable post-urination leak. And in severe cases, it may even allow men to regain control of bladder loss or bowel function.

Although these are not problems for your husband or other person, he might consider trying Kegels. they can make sex better.

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"Tightening the pelvic floor muscles increases blood flow to the penis and the muscles that support the penis during an erection, "says Movassaghi.A British study found that a whopping 40% of men with erectile dysfunction saw their erectile dysfunction disappear after 3 months of regular kegels, while 35% have noticed an improvement in their symptoms Exercises can also reduce the likelihood of premature ejaculation, adds Movassaghi.

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Best of all, they are incredibly easy to do.In case you have not tried them yourself, Kegels is just a fancy name to contract and release your pelvic muscles.But basically, that's what a person would do if e She wanted to stop the flow of her urine. (Although your guy should not actually practice Kegels while he's urinating, as it could increase the risk of bladder infections.) Instead, he should try them while he's there. is standing or sitting. (What would you say during his boring ride?)

The Mayo Clinic experts recommend keeping each contraction for three seconds and working up to three sets of 10 contractions a day. (Doing more than that can make your muscles too tight, which can also cause problems.) During each contraction, your guy should avoid holding his breath and aiming to keep the rest of his body relaxed. (He can also try these 4 essential movements to strengthen your pelvic floor.)

If he feels comfortable with the movement, it is good for him to start a daily Kegel diet by him "Even," said Movassaghi. But if he's not sure or needs advice, it's worth going to see his urologist. They can refer him to a pelvic floor specialist to help him understand.

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