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7 Genius Ways To Help Him Last Longer In Bed

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help your guy hold on so you can last longer in bed and reach the finish line.

Suggest a Prerequisite

Before making love, masturbate some of your preliminaries. "Tell him you want him to watch you touch you, he'll love it," says Emily Morse, Ph.D., podcast host Sex With Emily . In addition, this will help you to take a step ahead and fill the gap between orgasms so that you are both on the same page once you have sex.

2. Try using a penis ring

Cock rings around the base of his penis, usually around the stem, testicles, or both, says O'Reilly. They add pressure to the base of his penis, limiting blood flow. This can then delay her orgasm, helping her to last longer. In addition, sex toys are always hot.

3. Do the technical squeeze & # 39; squeeze

Get your guy out when things start to get intense for him and press the head of his penis, suggests sex therapist Debra Laino, who has a doctorate in human sexuality. You do not have to do it really hard, but just before it feels like it's coming, take a break, and exert firm pressure on the shaft of his penis with your thumb and your index finger. Compression can help delay ejaculation, so you can continue to use it longer.

4. Switch Positions

Most guys know when they are about to orgasm, so yours will change position when he feels that he is getting closer, O. Reilly said.

You might even be able to tell what's going on and take charge: You can usually feel your partner's testicles tighten and lift more significantly in the approach of orgasm, she says. When a man has an orgasm, he has two sets of contractions with each contraction averaging 0.8 seconds apart, says O'Reilly. Moving at this rate, or faster, and with a predictable pace can cause it to orgasm, so slowing down or changing the pace can delay orgasm, she says.

You may have to experiment here to see what works best. your guy. (Walrus suggests trying on movements like a girl on top, which will help you control the pace.) Change things a bit and talk about what he likes to achieve a happy medium.

5. Take small breaks

Nobody says you have to go hard and fast all the time, so put in small stops and start in the mix, says Laino. "In making love, ask the man to pull back and rub his chest or kiss a little, soothing the excitement," she says. "It actually brings a much longer experience, which engenders a deeper intimacy."

6. Ask him to do pelvic floor exercises

These are not just for you: men can do them too, and can make a big difference in the bedroom. A Swedish study published in 2014 found that men who did a few months of pelvic floor exercises were able to improve their ability to control premature ejaculation. (Each of the men in the study suffered from lifelong physical education issues.) So, encourage your guy to do daily exercises while he is sitting at his desk at the gym. job. (He just has to squeeze the muscles between his tailbone and his genitals.) That could make a big difference, says O'Reilly.

7. Continue

Just because it's ending does not mean you have to do it, says Rachel Needle, Psy.D., a sexologist and a registered psychologist at the South Florida Sexual and Sexual Health Center. Laino agrees. "Sex does not have to stop at an orgasm," she says. "If the after-play continues, it's likely that he'll have another erection and will last a little longer the second or third time."

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