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7 Aluminum-Free Deodorants That Actually Work

Soapwalla Lavender + Deodorant Cream at the Tea Tree

We had heard many veterans of the green beauty say that it was the deodorant in which they trusted, and once we had finished smearing the clay paste and starch in our armpits, we fell for that too. Unlike most natural deodorants, the moisture-fighting powders in this room saved us from wet spots on our blouses, even when we were trapped for several minutes in a lobby without air conditioning.

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Living Libations Poetic Pits: Lavender

Rolling on this blend of pure sandalwood and lavender essential oils will leave you with a lavender field scent and nothing else – all day long. And in the night too. We were so confident in its endurance that we did not even consider re-applying before welcoming friends for outdoor drinks 12 hours after first use.

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Roll on this twisted balm formula (stuffed with clay, seed oils, waxes and essential oils like tea tree, clary sage and peppermint) the smell of a ripe garden by a heavy day. In fact, it smelled so earthy that we kept checking to see if we were starting to feel a bit too mature. False alarm – she discouraged underarm funerals even when we began to sweat so abundantly at the hairline that a passerby offered us a paper towel to dry. (We accepted, for the record.)

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Fat & The Moon Deodorant Cream

We were nervous that sweet, handmade coconut oil and clary sage paste would ruin our clothes and, honestly, might not work at all. Bad on both points of view: He had our backs during a morning run in your eyes and high pressure meetings later in the day.

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Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant

At the first spritz, you'll feel like a drunk rose (that's a mix of 's). alcohol, rose leaf and petal extract, and glycerin), but it dries quickly to a light floral scent that is undetectable unless you sniff your pits. Which, by the way, even though they were wet, did not get stinky even when lugging suitcases and boxes on a hot summer morning.

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Thinksport Currant & Grapefruit Deodorant

This lightly scented deodorant is made from natural ingredients like coconut oil, l & # 39; Arrowroot and baking soda. Even after a long drive, followed by a walk and lunch outside, we were odorless

Buy it now: $ 8.99, amazon.co.uk [19659004] Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant stick without baking soda

The logo of the silly cat has definitely made us skeptical about this deodorant stick perfumed with the flower. But it ended up offering protection all day against odors and perspiration.

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