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6 Surprising, Common Causes Of Pelvic Pain You Should Know

Even if you are not a new mother, you may notice pain in the pelvis area during intercourse. "Pelvic pain is often felt more deeply and inside the abdomen," Ross says, and this can come from tears or lacerations, as well as from an irritation of the cervix. 39 uterus, which can occur during difficult sexual intercourse. Do not confuse this type of pain with the pain of vaginal dryness, she says: "Vaginal dryness tends to cause pain only in the vagina and is not felt in the lower abdomen." If you have irritated your cervix or uterus, you should consult a doctor to discuss next steps and ways to reduce pain.

Some sexual positions are also more difficult on the vagina and female organs, including the uterus. and the ovaries. The "missionary" position tends to be easier for women and their anatomy, while "Doggie Style" (from behind) allows deeper penetration for the male but more discomfort and pain for many women, she says. "It is quite normal for women to feel pain during sex based on certain sexual positions.Learn and know the positions that are less uncomfortable and painful during sex with your partner." (And, for your information, these are the best sexual positions for all ages.)

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