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5 Things That Happen When You Finally Fix Your Posture

2. You will burn more calories.

Good posture improves blood circulation and allows you to absorb more oxygen, which can make your exercises easier, Halse says. Because your joints are in a better position when you stand up, you can remove more calorie movements than someone with poor posture, especially if you are digging workouts like yoga and Pilates. . Translation: less pain, more gain.

Here are 6 things you need to do to lose weight:

3. You will experience less headaches.

If you are facing tension headaches on normal posture, shit could be to blame. "Tension headaches are usually caused by a tight neck, upper back and jaw muscles, and it's most often the posture of the head forward and forwards that causes this," Dukart explains. . "Over time, if muscle tightness becomes chronic, trigger points may develop, and this can cause radiating pain in your head." To help calm headaches, make sure your ears are always aligned on your shoulders, and gently press your shoulders away from your ears, says Dukart. Finally, pinch your shoulder blades back and together, as if you were slipping your shoulder into your back pocket.


The use of poor posture can wreak havoc on your joints: The neck of text, for example, creates tension on the shoulder joint, neck and back. the surrounding muscles, which can cause pain and injury. says Dukart. "Research has shown that for every inch of a head's posture forward, it increases the weight of the head on the spine by an additional 10 pounds," she adds. Another non-common is tilting your pelvis forward, which stresses your spine and can lead to a decrease in baseline strength, as well as back and hip pain. In the long run, poor posture can lead to weird things like tendinitis and bone spurs, Halse says. Good posture aligns and balances your muscles, decreasing joint compression and the risk of injury.

5. You will stress less.

A recent study from the University of Auckland has shown that sitting upright can be used as a coping mechanism against stress. Participants were randomly assigned to two groups and asked to complete a stress-inducing task. The first group completed the task in a vertical position, while the second group did the same. Once the task was completed, participants who used good posture said they "feel more excited, excited and strong". Meanwhile, the collapsed participants reported feeling more "fearful, hostile, nervous, silent, motionless, passive, boring, sleepy and lethargic". Researchers suspect that sitting upright can stimulate physiological arousal, such as a spike in blood pressure, and trigger a stress response response. When your body is not properly positioned, it can affect the functioning of your hormones and nervous system, affecting your mood.

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