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4 Surprising Things That Happened To Me After 100 Days On The Ketogenic Diet

Five years ago, when I looked at myself in the mirror for a long time, I decided to make a change. As a former restaurant critic, the years of pleasure have put me back on the scale. I felt bloated and terrible all the time, and I knew I had to do something about it. In my college years, I had become familiar with low carb diets like Atkins and the South Beach Diet, and I had some success with them. In 2013, I definitely eliminated the gluten of my life and I embarked on a journey to lose a lot of weight while getting rid of the guilt that weighed on me.

It took only a few months to lose weight by eliminating carbohydrates (gluten, cereals, and beer) and sugar (including fruits and liqueurs), and on that path, by attending, I had met a man with a seizure disorder. When I told him I was on a low carb diet, he introduced me to: the ketogenic diet (which some experts recommend to patients like him to promote optimal brain health). Although our relationship was short-lived, my curiosity for his eating practice continued to grow.

The ketogenic way of eating allows a minimal consumption of carbohydrates, a moderate intake of proteins and a high intake of fats. Typical low carbohydrate diets allow about 50 grams of carbs a day; on ketogens, that number drops to 20 grams

I started doing more research and I discovered a site run by Eric Berg, DC, a renowned guru of the "keto" community. "When you're in a phase of ketosis, you run your body with a different fuel, ketones," says Berg on his website. "Ketones are the original fuel that our bodies ran a long time ago.It uses your own fat for fuel instead of glucose, and we are doing very well on that" clean fuel ". "

Although Berg-a ​​supporter and follower of keto-cult worship has some dieters, other experts have voiced concerns about this plan, noting that it could be dangerous for people with liver and kidney problems, as well as those with diabetes, heart disease and some hormonal problems.

Still, I continued. I knew I would not do too much with bacon, butter, and big stereotypical bombs at will, and I did not even expect to lose a lot of weight at that point. I just wanted to feel better: I was moody, lethargic and my self-esteem was suffering – and I suspected that my diet had something to do with it.

Although I have been gluten free for several years, at that time I no longer lived the low carb lifestyle, and I had stumbled into an abyss of grain (tacos, we were besties ), treats (falafels and chips, as you would miss me), and fruit (goodbye, mango, old friend). It was time to go really low carb and see what would happen.

A few days before Halloween, I had my last serving of gluten-free pancakes with English coffee, cinnamon-chicory syrup, and bursts of cocoa at Sunday brunch. The next day, my keto urine strips arrived from Amazon, and I was ready to leave. (By measuring the amount of ketones in your urine, the colors on the tape indicate your ketosis level, and whether or not you are in the urine.However, once you are fit for fat and that your body ketones escapes I have no more ketones in your urine.

It's been just three months since I embarked on my lifestyle change, and I can say for sure that I I've been feeling better for years, and in just 100 days, I've noticed several surprises that happened along the way.

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