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3 Butt Exercises That Banish Lower Back Pain

Sitting at a desk all day is a pain in the butt literally. Although you can be hard at work, your gluteal muscles do not work at all, and over time they become weaker and longer. In turn, the body "turns off" the glutes and begins to rely on stronger muscles nearby – like those in the lower back and surrounding your knees – to take over. The bad news is that the extra stress on these parts of the body makes them more susceptible to injury.

To help you avoid knee and back pain, learning how to activate, or "wake up" your gluteal muscles is the key. And this quick routine can help you do just that! All you need is a stability ball (like a 65-inch Trideer salvage stability ball, $ 22 amazon.com) and just a few extra minutes. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds and incorporate them into your workout routine two to three times a week.

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