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19 Best Gifts For Moms

If your partner is such a naughty and kind mom, can you suggest to give her something to indulge her fantasies? "I love reading hot thrillers where the bad guys always get what happens to them, and there's a bit of glittering romance," says Cheryl Reed, an Indianapolis mother who writes novels. "Moms have tons on their plates, and these books add a little fun to their lives." She says Christine Feehan and Suzanne Brockmann's books make attractive gifts for moms who love to read.

further and gift a mom's friend (probably not your own mom!) A luxury sex toy, says Christian Brooke, a mom in Waccabuc, NY, who runs a sexual empowerment platform for moms. "From the personal and professional experience, the Crave Vesper makes an amazing gift.This is a super cool necklace that doubles as a fantastic vibrator," she says, "Moms tell me that." They go into the bathrooms for quick, quick mother breaks, they use it during sex, and it makes their experiences so much better with their partners. "Even moms have needs! [19659002] Buy it Now: "Dark Legacy", by Christine Feehan, $ 18, amazon.com
Buy it now: "Some Kind of Hero" by Suzanne Brockmann, $ 15, amazon .fr
Buy it now: Crave Vesper Vibrator Necklace, $ 69, amazon.com

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