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10 Flip Flops With Arch Support

It is summer, and your perfectly pedicured toes beg to be exhibited in a nice new pair of flip flops. A problem: Studies show that this type of fragile shoes can do a number on your feet and ankles, lower back, hips and legs. Walking in thong sandals without support messes up your gait and posture, leaving you with a weak base that makes you more prone to pain all over your body. So much to have fun in the sun, is not it?

Do not swear your dreams of sandals yet. You can do scales without hurting your feet – you just have to accept that thin rubber thongs should not have room in your wardrobe (except perhaps as shower shoes for the gym). Many shoe companies have heard cries from customers and have developed comfortable flip-flops with arch supports and other healthy features designed to keep feet happy: contoured soles, sturdy rubber soles, antimicrobial soles , adjustable straps, soft uppers and more.

We combed the internet for the best support flip flops and came up with ten pairs that are sure to suit all styles. Ranging from $ 35 to $ 100, they will not put a lot of money into your wallet – so why not stock some pairs?

Use this simple test to find your type of arch:

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