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​I Tried Using An Organizing App To Make Holiday Planning Less Stressful. Here’s What I Learned.

The organization has never been my forte. I'm not one of those people who can easily juggle a million different tasks – and during the holidays, it becomes even harder to stay at the top of my never-ending list of things to do.

Attempts to organize our family calendar have always been rather risky. I have an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of wish lists and gift purchases. I've put alarms in my phone to remind me when I need to cook for a holiday party or to volunteer at my kids' school. I keep separate Pinterest boards for dinner and dessert recipes, which I end up copying on scraps of paper and bring to the grocery store, along with the Google shopping list in my phone.

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Needless to say, you keep track of all these planning tools can be a task in its own right, so I was more than willing to test the free version of the organization application of the Cozi family. (Even better, they offered free print for the holidays, to help keep track of cards sent, gifts received, and cooking times for dinner.)

"Use an app to keep your family organized," Explains Lisa Zaslow, organization expert and founder of Gotham Organizers in New York. "If some of your organization systems fail – or do not exist! – Destroy an application and see if it helps."

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should I lose, in addition to the ever-growing pile of sticky note lists and reminders that littered my desk ? Here is what I learned after two weeks of using an organization app to streamline my vacation planning.

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