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Your Itchy Vagina Might Be Caused By One Of These Hidden Culprits


The estrogen-progesterone contraceptive combination and contraceptive ring suppresses ovulation and thus also the natural lubrication produced when an egg is released, says Gynecologist Alyssa Dweck, MD, author of The Complete A to Z for your V .

Look at an OB-GYN explain if there is too much discharge:

Fallout? Drought, which can cause itching. Consider an OTC vaginal moisturizer, as Durable vaginal moisturizing replens ($ 17, amazon.com), once or twice a week, and if that does not soothe the area, talk to your gynecologist about the shapes birth control alternatives, such as the non-hormonal copper IUD or a diaphragm. (Spice up your sex life with this organic lubricant from the shop Women's Health .)

Allergies can also hurt you below, says Dweck; they are usually caused by the scent in fillings or tampons (opt for unscented) or by latex or spermicide on some condoms.

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From time to time, however, a woman is allergic to her partner's ejaculate. No, this is not a sign that a breakup is imminent, but you will need to see an allergist for a skin test. If you are diagnosed, use a condom or an antihistamine at least 30 minutes before sex. 19459007 This article appeared in the January / February 2018 issue of Women's Health. For great advice, get a copy of the newsstand number now!

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