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Would You Eat This Crazy New Banana With An Edible Peel?

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Scientists at D & T Farm developed Mongee by experimenting with a method called "freeze-thaw awakening". Inner cooling -75 ° F (normal bananas grow in tropical climates), then the fruit is thawed and replanted, according to a farm spokesperson.The drastic change in temperature causes the fruit to grow rapidly and produce a thin skin like lettuce (Bonus: Since Mongees grow in cold, indoor climates where the fruit does not have natural predators, it eliminates the need for pesticides.)

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Regarding the flavor, the authors of Tokyo-based website RocketNews24 said that the skin is essentially tasteless, but that the fruit itself is sweeter that a typical banana and has a pineapple taste. should come as no surprise t Mongees has about five grams of sugar more than their traditional parents. And according to the English site of the farm, the skin itself is a good source of vitamin B6 and magnesium, a nutrient that 68% of Americans do not consume enough. Although the company did not provide a complete nutritional profile of Mongee, the "meat" of the fruit probably provides potassium as well as vitamins C and B-6, as is the case with conventional cousins.

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We're all looking for new exciting and tasty ways to consume essential nutrients, but get your hands on a Mongee is not really easy. Currently, they are only sold in western Japan, and only ten fruits are marketed each week – and they sell for $ 5.75 a day!

The good news: A representative from D & T Farm says that they are considering exporting Mongees to the US, but note that it will likely take some time to develop the logistics. In the meantime, why not use conventional banana peels with these 10 brilliant uses for banana peels? You may not be able to eat them, but they can prevent a scratched DVD from jumping, lifting ink stains from the skin, and so much more.

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