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Would You Be Able To Spot These 7 Symptoms Of Leukemia?

If you've ever seen A March to Remember or read My Sister Guardian (and who did not?) So you already know a little the term "leukemia" "

A blood cancer, leukemia occurs when bone marrow cells begin to divide and multiply at a rapid rate, severely limiting the body's ability to produce red blood cells In 2014, an estimated 387,000 people in the United States were living with some form of leukemia, according to the National Cancer Institute.And as we saw in the movies, leukemia can be

Exactly how lethal leukemia depends on its type – chronic or acute, says Anne Renteria, MD, an assistant professor of medicine, hematology and medical oncology at Mount. Sinai Hospital in New York

When a patient is suffering from chronic leukemia, cancer cells are found in the patient's blood and bone marrow, but they do not divide rapidly and aggressively. Chronic leukemias are most often found in routine blood tests and are managed by an observation or chemotherapy pill. "Very often, cancer is in the bone marrow, but it does not make you sick, people with CML and CLL are working and living a normal life," she says.

But acute leukemias are completely different , and you are likely to see an acute form of cancer when you see leukemia portrayed on the big screen. "Acute leukemias are aggressive and usually present with extreme symptoms before they are diagnosed, explains

That is why, if you have symptoms of leukemia, it is best to do it safely and go to the doctor right away to see someone like a doctor. first resort that has a broad understanding of how the body works, "she says.

So, what are the symptoms of leukemia that you should be watching? Here are the seven most common.

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