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Women Are Starting A Gray Hair Revolution On Social Media

PLUS: 7 Ways to Make Your Gorgeous Gray Hair

Like most of his posts, the tweet sounded, but instead of typical reactions, Teigen's words triggered a movement of the same kind. empowerment on social media. Thousands of Twitter users have responded to Teigen's tweet, sharing their love of silver strands and telling Teigen to continue rocking the look. Many women (and men too!) Also shared positive images and messages celebrating their own locks at the naturale.

The strands turn gray when the pigmentation cells at the base of each hair follicle are damaged . The disease, as well as the environmental and genetic factors, all play a role in the rapidity with which these cells deteriorate, with about 74% of the 45-65 years old having at least some gray hair, according to a British Journal of Dermatology investigation. As everyone ages and ends up turning gray, it's inspiring and inspiring to see so many women possess the look. In fact, in a recent survey Prevention 71% of respondents said that gray-haired women could be sexy – and the countless women who responded to Teigen's tweet are proof of that.

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