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Why You Should Never, Ever Rip Off Your Hangnail

Avoid the temptation to snatch the small millers. Not only does tearing off inflamed tissue is painful, but you also leave your fingers vulnerable to infection.

"When you pull them out, you usually tear off some of the normal superficial skin that prevents bacteria," says Dr. Jacobs. "When you tear off a film, you can develop an infection of the surrounding skin."

It goes without saying that tearing a film with your teeth is definitely forbidden. Not only is your mouth full of germs, but your hands too, so you put yourself at a much higher risk of infection.

Why your gym is more important than your bathroom:

you notice a film, follow these steps to take care of it.

First, take a hot shower to soften your skin. Disinfect a nail clipper or nail scissors with rubbing alcohol, then cut the film close to the normal level of the skin, says Dr. Jacobs.

"Apply a lotion containing little alcohol and more water," he says. The hydration of the area is important because it protects your skin from drying out, thus decreasing the likelihood of peeling (These are the best grooming products to save your dry skin.)

If your product is already painful and red, inflamed. An inflamed film is not necessarily an infected film, but you should keep an eye on it during the treatment.

In this case, treat bloating inflamed with ice cream and over-the-counter pain relievers to relieve symptoms. and a topical antibiotic ointment, "says Dr. Jacobs.An antibiotic ointment can help prevent the development of an infection.

But if she is already inflamed and infected, in this case, the pain will probably be more severe, and the redness and pain may spread over a larger area.You will feel pain and tenderness near the film and in the area around the film.

Another revealing sign: drainage or pus. If you are worried that there is an infection, you should consult a doctor because you might need oral antibiotics.

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