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What Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn Eats In A Day

If it was Lindsey Vonn, she would eat a juicy steak and a side of sweet potatoes for dinner every night. But a big meal like this could slow down the Olympic gold medalist – and Lindsay's personal boss, Dan Churchill, will not stand it.

Churchill personally oversees the meals of the Olympian – and it is as serious as that. "I tell her that it's imperative for her to tell me if the food I give her has put her at ease or interrupted her sleep," says Churchill Women & # Health (19459005). "This communication is vital."

This is especially important before the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea this year: "If I give him something that his body has never seen before, he does not digest it he wins. "

That sounds intense, but Churchill also takes care of meeting Lindsey's needs." She loves pasta, so I'm going to make a healthy version that's perfect for feeding it, but also for this

And if all that Churchill cooks for Lindsey is healthy (lots of lean protein, whole grains and vegetables), that does not necessarily mean it's boring. " My responsibility is to make sure that she gets the right nutrients, but she also has the opportunity to relax, "he says." If you are overall happy, everything is optimized: you could have 6% body fat and be a gold medal winning Olympian, but not be because all you have done is train and eat broccoli every day. "

To take a look at the daily food routine of the day Olympian, we chatted with Churchill and Lindsey in Lake Louise, Canada, at the launch of his new clothing line Under Armor

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