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This Woman's Family Lost 300+ Pounds Thanks To This Meal-Delivery Service

In December 2016, when the show began to run, we went to see a family nutritionist and realized that our eating habits and eating habits were completely inconsistent with our goals. We cleared the pantry, went on small plates, and got rid of our sweet tea from the south, but we knew we had to do more.

We looked at several different dietary programs that would help model what and how much we should eat. We ended up choosing Diet-to-Go (DTG), a meal service that prepares healthy, fresh take-out meals, and addresses entire families. Its five-week rotation allowed everyone to choose their own foods, from a menu of lean meats, fruits and vegetables, and healthy cereals like brown rice. The treats that were on the menu (like Belgian waffles) were low in carbohydrates and sugar.

To get started with DTG, you enter your current weight, gender, age and weight you want to lose on the site, and build a meal plan for you. Mine contained 1500 calories a day

At first, my family and I received all of our DTG meals. We also worked with our dietitian and learned to read food labels, determine portion sizes, and understand calories and carbohydrates. Because DTG had nutrition labels on every meal, I was able to gather all that knowledge to really understand what my body needed.

Learning to Read a Nutrition Label:

With very little deviation from DTG in the first six months, I've lost weight every week. The weight loss was slow – one or two pounds – but I never won, which seemed unbelievable. After six months, we stopped ordering breakfast as it was the easiest meal for us to start doing ourselves. To replace the pancakes that DTG would give us, we went to the supermarket and read labels to find a comparable blend that was low in sugar and carbohydrates.

In December 2017, one year after starting the DTG, we cooked all our products. meals on our own, often together.

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