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This Ob-Gyn Gave Birth And Then Helped Her Patient Deliver Twins Just Hours Later

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Hilary said The people that she and Katie had become close, that is why she did not hesitate to give her Mobile Phone Number. When Hilary checked if Katie was in the hospital, she discovered something serendipitous: They were in rooms one next to the other.

So she did the only thing that a super dedicated doc would do: Hilary made sure her own baby was taken care of and then went to see Katie. "I came mostly to say hello and show my support.I had hope that I could be involved in childbirth, but I did not know if it would work," said Hilary Women & # 39; Health by email. However, Katie's work progressed quickly and within an hour she was ready to push. Hilary's nurse, Elizabeth Jacobson, MD, was running the ultrasound while Hilary was delivering Katie's babies. (If Verna needed Hilary, Jacobson could take over, the obstetrician was there too in case of emergency.) Katie had two healthy babies – 14 hours after Verna's delivery by Hilary.

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"To be honest, the timing was so perfect, I had to be released around 1 pm That day, Katie did not was not working quickly, it may not have been possible, or if Verna was not well, I would have felt obligated to take care of my newborn daughter, "says Hilary. 19659007] If you are wondering how Hilary has managed to muster the necessary forces to do all this after birth, she says that it is about maintaining a healthy pregnancy. I was able to do this because I did my best to stay in shape during pregnancy. " She said it meant jumping on the elliptical five or six times a week for an hour throughout the pregnancy. She even did a run of six thousand nine days before she delivered. Because of her physical fitness, an uncomplicated pregnancy and an easy delivery, Hilary says that she was able to deliver Katie's twins.

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And even if we are speechless in the story (seriously if you are pregnant, you know how important it is to doc is there for you in every way – and Hilary takes it about five notches), Hilary said that she does not consider her actions outstanding.

"Delivery is the culmination of everything you have worked together as a doctor and patient.It is always disappointing to miss a delivery (although this happens because we are out of the city and are committed to d & Other things, like our families.) I do my best to balance my commitment to my patients with my commitment to my family, but it's a daily struggle .I am passionate about both, "says she

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