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This Milk Alternative Is The Closest Thing To Cow's Milk. But Is It The Healthiest?

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But this is not because it is the milk closest to the milk cow's milk is the best option for everyone. According to the sources of this study, soy is "the healthiest", but it's a bit misleading, "says Rebecca Ditkoff, MPH, RD, founder of Nutrition by RD. "What the study has revealed is that in terms of nutrition, soymilk is the most comparable to cow's milk.It contains the same essential nutrients and about the same amount of protein per person." 8 ounce serving, but as with many nutritional recommendations, there's no single alternative to the healthiest milk for everyone. "

This apple smoothie will satisfy you:

"When choosing [between] cow's milk or non-dairy milk, one must consider how their milk of choice fits into the context of their diet, their needs and their preferences. According to Mr. Ditkoff, here are a few things to consider when selecting your next box:

Isabel Smith, RD, a famous dietitian based in New York City. "The milk and soy proteins are similar to l & # 39; body. "

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Do you rely on milk for protein and calcium?

" Yes , soy milk contains more protein than other alternatives, but not all brands are fortified with calcium, so be sure to read your labels, says Smith. This is important if you rely on milk for your daily dose of mineral bone building or use it regularly as a basis for a snack or meal. (Think: smoothies, soups, etc.) "If you have at least a cup of milk a day, and do not want to sip soy, try unsweetened pea milk like Ripple, like milk, an 8 ounce serving contains 8 grams of protein.It is also fortified with calcium and vitamin D, "says Smith.

If you're not looking for a high protein or calcium alternative because you consume many others throughout the day, coconut or almond milk are unsweetened, says Sarah Koszyk, dietician author of 365 snacks for each day of the day. 39, year. (You could even make your own milk alternative.)

Do you just add a touch to your coffee?

If you only use milk to lighten your cup of coffee morning coffee, so what you use is not all important. "Whatever non-dairy milk you choose, use one unsweetened, free of artificial sweeteners and that contains protein or healthy fat, "says Smith. (You can even use cow's milk as long as you do not have any allergy.)

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Do you only avoid cow's milk because you are lactose intolerant?

You might not have to do it.

"Many people who consider themselves lactose intolerant are not." The problem is that they can not tolerate a type of casein protein in milk called A1, "says Koszyk. Another type of casein protein in milk, called A2, can often be tolerated without side effects, probably because of a small difference in the amino acid composition of proteins.

That's all this have to do with the milk you buy? "" There is now a milk on the market, called a2 Milk, which is a cow's milk that lacks A1 protein, "says Koszyk. a2 can give you the same benefits as cow's milk, such as calcium, vitamin D and protein, without the discomfort. "

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Of all the milk products on the market, researchers confirm that cow's milk has the best nutrient composition for humans (it's the closest milk to human breast milk). . Notably since the authors note that "further research is needed to establish the consequences of adding calcium to the human body." In simple terms, it is best to obtain nutrients naturally rather than enriched sources or supplements. milk allows you to do exactly that.

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