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This Is The One Sports Bra That's Comfortable AND Flattering For My Large Boobs

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There are three main things I look for in a sports bra: support (for my current DDs, which are quite dense and bounce ) zero point of friction, no restrictive belt), and shape (as in, not uniboob, too padded, or crepe effect). For some reason, I often find a bra that hits on numbers one and two, but lacks on this last point. Which is huge for me – why should I have gone through the pain, healing and recovery of six months of reduction surgery and not love the shape of my chest even when I'm training , which

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That is precisely why, when I found the Brooks Running UpLift Crossback Bra, I ' I picked up five of them. At the Brooks site, the bra is labeled "average impact for women in C-D cut," but that's a lot more than that. Without too much structure, the bra keeps my breasts in place so transparent that I completely forget my chest while I run (the ultimate goal!).

Buy it Now: $ 44, brooksrunning.com [19659002] Unlike most big breast bras that I've tried, the UpLift also has a cleavage and a soft * molding that makes your breasts look like real breasts instead of crushed scones. The fabric is soft and itchy (something I've noticed in several compressive bras), and the straps are not so thick that they look ugly under a tank. The shoulder straps also cross in the back so you can wear a swimmer's top and do not have the impression of being a fashion faux pas.

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