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This Is How To Slice A Huge-Ass Watermelon Without Fear

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Watermelons tend to be difficult to handle because of their size and juiciness. Be sure to work on a dry, stable surface to reduce the risk of slipping and cutting. "Generally speaking, the juicier the fruit, the harder it is to grasp," says Hankey, "and so, the more dry the surface, the longer it takes." She recommends using a very large knife to cut the watermelon. In the video above, she uses a 12 "watermelon knife (which has a long flat blade like a machete) but you can also use a chef's knife if you are more comfortable handling it [19659003] Slice the upper and lower ends of the watermelon to create a flat surface.Maintain the melon on one of the cut ends, and then cut to cut the skin.To put some "punch", as Hankey says, because watermelons are cutting the watermelon in half, then cutting it into small pieces, then cutting it in half lengthwise, then slicing it to form cubes


To make triangles: Cut the ends of the watermelon, stand on one of the flat ends and cut it in half, Hankey recommends keeping a hand on the melon to stabilize the melon. One side and turn it to the side, then cut it off again two, then cut the triangles into small pieces. peat on the other half.

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