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This Disturbing Photo Will Make You Think Twice Before Using A Hand Dryer

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"NEVER dry your hands in these things again.These are the different strains of fungi and possible pathogenic bacteria that you swirl around your hands , and you think you're going out with clean hands, "she writes." You're welcome. "Nichole added that she was not trying to scare others, but that she wanted that They are aware of what they put in their hands.

But are Nichole's claims exaggerated? Well, not really. "It was very surprising to see the amount and variety of bacteria that were pushing on a petri dish, "says Jennifer Wider, a women's health expert.It's hard to say exactly what's in the picture, but Wider says it looks like E. coli ( which comes from the faeces, ie poo) and mushrooms, among others.

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Wider says that the photo actually poses a "legitimate concern". "Public bathrooms are filled with germs, and it's no surprise that the hand dryer can spread bacteria and other germs," ​​she says. "Some studies have disputed the idea that hand dryers are spreading germs, but I think this petri dish experience is pretty compelling."

Hand sanitizer seems fine now.

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