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This Abs Circuit Workout Will Shock Your Core Into Shape

If you really want to sculpt some abs that even Kim Kardashian would envy you, non-stop circuit training is your best choice. Indeed, not only do the circuits put your body through a number of exercises in a short time, but they also boost your heart rate and boost your metabolism.

And the crazy thing is that your workout is not complete. even need to be composed of classic movements "focused on the abs" to see the main results. Hannah Eden, founder of PumpFit Club in Fort Lauderdale and the brain of Women's Health The 28-day Fat Torch DVD recommends including several bodybuilding movements in your training. # 39; abs. "The more muscle on our bodies the more calories we will burn," says Eden. "In addition, our body will continue to burn fat after we finish our weightlifting session."

In fact, one of his favorite abstract sculpture programs in The 28-Day Fat Torch combines exercises focused on the abs with bodybuilding movements. "Abdominal-focused exercises will isolate the targeted muscle group to make sure you attack those abdominals, while bodybuilding movements are a great way to burn fat, so you can reveal the abdominals on which you work."

Here, Eden describes her favorite ABS circuit training, consisting of 10 strokes. To do it yourself, cycle each movement for 45 seconds, with a rest of 15 seconds. Then repeat the circuit one more time.

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