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These Orig3n DNA Tests Are 50% Off On Amazon Today

When I tested the Orig3n Nutrition and Fitness tests, I rubbed my cheek with a Q-tip, I sent it to the lab and I learned some interesting facts on my genes. Now, I've never been an intense athlete, but I'm still active running, biking, attending workout classes a few times a week, and walking (sprinting) the subway. at the subway in New York. (Did you know that you can achieve important results by walking only 30 minutes a day?) As I push myself to travel a few miles a week and even register for the 2018 Half Marathon in New York, I Have always believed that I feared working. I'm not fast and I get tired easily.

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My Orig3n fitness test results confirmed my intuition. They revealed that I am likely to have a lower V02 max and less stamina than the average person. However, another gene indicates that I should have an above-average muscle mass. It's logical. In boxing classes, I have no problem hitting hard. But when I leave in the long run, my lungs hate me

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These results have pushed me to m & # 39; train harder, run more frequently, and push me to take longer and faster bike rides. Although I can not say that the test allowed me to lift heavier weights, it led me to believe that could lift heavier.

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When it comes to my nutrition, because my family has a history High cholesterol, I try to stay away from saturated fats and high cholesterol foods. The Orig3n Nutrition DNA Test indicated that my body treats fat and cholesterol worse than the average person. (Psst! You can lower your cholesterol naturally with these foods that are good for you.)

This was not new information for me, really, because blood tests and doctors generally confirm that I should monitor my cholesterol level. But it was also a good idea to follow a healthy, low-fat diet.

The results also revealed that I am "gifted" in the metabolism of caffeine, which means that my body processes caffeine faster than average. Since I drink my cup of Joe every morning, I take this as a victory.

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While these tests are useful for providing information on dietary sensitivities and diets, be aware that they are testing specific genes and may be less complete than other DNA tests. Each test covers only a specific set of genes related to a specific aspect of your health.

Just like other DNA tests, however, these are simply glimpses of your DNA, and no gene dictates your health. huge role. There are also privacy issues with some of these tests. Plus, if you notice annoying results, as a writer Women's Health did when he tested the 23AndMe test, you should see a doctor.

The 50% discount on the Orig3n DNA tests ends at 23:59. January 4th.

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