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These Eye Masks Are Blowing Up On Amazon—Here's Why

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I started using them a decade ago when a travel boss (who had recently bought them Tokyo) launched a few bags in my own way as I prepared for a long-haul night flight . Once the lights of the plane extinguished, I took out the very soft and vaporous mask, slipped it around my ears and melted of pleasure while the front of the mask was heating slowly and that one Lavender scent went down to my nose. It soothed my TSA-created tension headache, turned off the light as a darkening curtain, and helped me fall asleep. After this experience, I managed to burn a little more of my boss and finally bought twenty of them when I went to Japan, saving them carefully for the most discouraging night flights.

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Since its debut in the United States a few months ago, I've been a little more generous with myself. Aside from flying, I wear them when I meditate, I take baths, or just when I need a 10 minute delay of frenetic energy of life. And when I am inevitably running out of them, I know that they are no longer an expensive 16 hour flight, they are available with two days of free shipping via Amazon Prime.

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