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There's A Backlash Brewing Against Blonde Hair Right Now—Here's Why

Ok, fine, brown hair is not perfect, especially if you dye it with these hues. But we are here to help you navigate the troubles.

1. They easily show gray

The silver highlights tend to be more noticeable on dark hair "because of the contrast between brown or black and silver," says hairdresser Chase Kusero, co-founder of IGK salons and hair care. Between the dye jobs, look for a tinted fog, such as Rita Hazan Corrector Spray Root ($ 25, amazon.com), which lasts until your next shampoo (and even at through a SoulCycle class). 19659002] 2. They fade quickly

When you become blonde, your hair is stripped of pigments. If you dye your hair, however, "you drop pigments in the hair – without removing them – and these molecules can easily disappear," says colorist Joe Martino, creative director of the Orlo show in New York. For this reason, Wallace advises waiting 48 hours after staining before shampooing to allow the dyeing time to settle and the cuticle to close completely. In addition, the daily use of dryers and irons, which also contribute to discoloration, is also described, says Robinson.

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3. They become coppery

Warm shades often appear on dyed brown hair when they disappear. Using a tinted treatment – blue (for orange) or purple (for yellow) – neutralizes these hues, says Stephanie Brown, colorist at the Nunzio Saviano Salon in New York. She suggests to apply Overtone Pastel Blue or Pastel Purple Deep Treatment ($ 28 each, overtone.co) for just a minute, once a week (more than that could alter your hue).

A notorious brewer? Some smoothing treatments "They can oxidize color molecules, causing an orange plaster," says Robinson. Try a less aggressive-smoothing rather than smoothing service, like Cezanne Classic Keratin Treatment (about $ 350 for 3 months, cezannehair.com for salons), which, according to Wallace, is less likely to cause color changes

This article appeared in the January / February 2018 issue of Women's Health. For great advice, get a copy of the newsstand number now!

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