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The Metabolism-Blasting Flywheel Workout You Can Do On Any Stationary Bike

However, if that does not suit you, you can still try this 45-minute Flywheel-inspired workout, designed by Flywheel Sports Artistic Director Danielle Devine-Baum, to fly on your own. . Just run the playlist below, trying to pedal on the song's BPM (beats per minute) unless otherwise noted, and go horseback riding. (Get Toned Arms, Skinny Legs and Sexy Abdominals with Women's Health Beginner Bodybuilding Guide !)

Song # 1: "Everyone wants to run the world" Tears of fear

time to warm up! Roll around 112 BPM. On a scale of 1 to 10, you would be around three. Once the chorus of the song reaches, accelerate each time. Halfway through the song, add a little more resistance when your body starts to warm up and your muscles are ready to work

Song # 2: "River", Eminem [feat. Ed Sheeran]

You warm up again, but at this point you enter the turn. The speed is 90 BPM. If you ran, you would be at a jogging pace. On this song, alternate between the second position (butt of the seat, the hands on the front bar), the third position (butt of the seat, the hands on the top of the side handles), and the saddle (butt in the seat) while by maintaining speed. Twice during the song, increase your speed. Your resistance here is, on a scale of one to 10, around four. At the end of this song, you should sweat a little!

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Song # 3: "Walking to Memphis", Marc Cohn [19659003] You're on a hill. On a scale of 1 to 10, your resistance is about six. Your speed is 65 BPM. Whenever the chorus sounds, speed up your pace. You should feel slightly out of breath on these intervals. On the first two, use the third position when pushing. On the last, challenge yourself to push as hard as you can in the saddle.

Song 4: "Work R3hab Extended Mix", Rihanna [feat. Drake]

This is a slow and flat descent. Your speed is 100 BPM. On a scale of 1 to 10, even though it's a rather flat road, you're around five on resistance. Start in the saddle and then hit the second position, focusing on the core stabilization. When you hit the saddle, accelerate. Repeat this four times during this song.

Song # 5: "Fallen Empires", Snow Patrol

This is a light hill. Your speed is 74 BPM. On a scale of 1 to 10, start lighter than you want to about four on resistance. Every 30 seconds, add a little more resistance. At the end of the song, you should be able to keep your pace at 74 BPM. Alternate saddle and third position with each change of resistance.

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Song # 6: "Changes", 2Pac

Now you are on a heavy hill. Your speed is 55 BPM. Start in third position. Leaving the high resistance of the previous song, slow down your legs. You should be around eight on your scale of 1 to 10 resistance. It will become really heavy. Whenever the chorus sounds, accelerate as fast as you can through the resistance. If you find that your legs want to go faster than 55 BPM when you're not on the chorus, add more resistance right away. It should be thick and difficult. Sit down when you feel you need, and then go out. Your power is in third

Song # 7: "Gold Dust (Extended Mix)", Galantis

This is an apartment at a hill. Your speed is what you want! Lower the resistance while riding. The speed of the music is 128 BPM, but take a moment to roll lighter and hydrate yourself. Once you feel ready, start getting as close as possible to the rhythm. Towards the end of the song, take the resistance to a five out of 10, come to the third and climb the hill at 65 BPM.

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Song # 8: "Silver Springs," Fleetwood Mac

Now you're jogging. Your speed is 88 BMP. Starting with the saddle, close your eyes, take a moment and roll. You ride at about six on your scale from one to ten. Find the third position when you are ready. When the chorus sounds, hit the saddle and go all the way. Push as hard as you can. Repeat until the end of the song.

Song # 9: "O.P.P. (Re-Recorded)," Naughty By Nature

This is a flat apartment. Your speed is 98 BPM. On your scale from one to 10, you are four. From the saddle, roll and find your breath. This song is about big changes in resistance. When the chorus sounds, add as much resistance as possible while maintaining your speed. When the chorus ends, remove it. Do not hesitate to use the second position when it feels good coming

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Song # 10: "Thunder Road", Bruce Springsteen [19659003] Last song, last hill! Your speed is 70 BPM. On your 10's, find a seven. Take the first half of the song to go up to third and notice how your body feels; energized and strong. As the second half of the song approaches, take a seat and start removing the resistance little by little. Take the last 60 seconds of the song to lower your head and push as hard as you can up to the finish line!

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