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The Best Women’s Running Gear For Beginners

We know what you think: you do not run so much, why should you spend a lot of money on new sneakers? If you've been working in the same pair of tired kicks since college, it's time for an upgrade-seriously. Starting a running routine with all that is dust in your closet puts you up for trouble: aches, pains, or even an injury.

The good running shoes that work for you are the most important equipment. Your best bet: go to a local running store, where an expert will analyze your foot, your approach and your biomechanics, and direct you to the shoe best suited to your individual needs. Yes, you will probably end up spending more money, but believe us when we say it is worth it. Consider the extra dollars as an investment towards a happy future. In addition, you will not save money if you end up buying and hating a pair of shoes that do not suit your needs. (Most local racing stores have generous return policies, they want happy and healthy customers!)

That said, if you really want to buy a shoe and hit the road (or a treadmill), we have some good bets. The New Balance Fresh Zante Foam V3 boasts a cult following its lightweight construction that is still robust enough to handle long runs (read our full review).

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