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The Best Ways To Avoid Jet Lag When You Travel Across Time Zones

As soon as the plane touches the ground, the effects of jet lag can begin to be felt. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, you will probably want to make the most of your trip, and there are ways to

Varbanova says, "Even though I'm tired, I find that it's better to jump in the day rather than hanging out in the room. The sooner you get used to the new time zone, the better. Taking a walk in the park or a workout in the gym will wake you up and help you get ahead with your day. "

Lane Lee is in agreement." Personally, I find that trying to adapt to the new time change really helps. If it means I'm awake for 20 hours after landing, then be it! She adds, "If I can spend the first day outside, the sun really helps to reset my internal clock. "

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Wilder says that it can help plan the events of your first day in the world. "Make sure you plan what the day will be like when you arrive at your destination. Set your watch to the time zone in which you will land and determine the type of activities you will do, Wilder says.

Sunlight and fresh air can be a powerful prescription for jet lag. "Focus on the fun and not on the time zone you've just left in. When it's daytime when you land, choose outdoor activities like a walking tour of the city or a hike. be tempting to take a nap when you land, but by pushing yourself to acclimatize immediately after your descent from the plane, you will get the best results, "says Wilder.

Meals can also be difficult if you are in a new time zone, but Wilder says that "even if you're not hungry at lunch time, make a point, especially during the first few days, to eat according to the schedule "

During the day, you might be exhausted.In this case, Lane Lee recommends melatonin:" Melatonin is an excellent supplement that helps promote sleep and restore the body's clock. the new time zone for v We ensure that you fall asleep at a reasonable time and that you wake up feeling refreshed in the morning, "says Lee Lane, adding that an Epsom salt bath with a few drops of essential oil Lavender is a great way to soothe the nervous system and prepare the body for sleep. "

Finding The Right Circadian Rhythm Can Even Be As Simple As Choosing The Ideal Lighting In Your Hotel Room.

Varbanova Says:" I Found That Setting The Light To Match to the desired time zone helps your body adjust more quickly If you try to stay awake, clear the lights, and if you want to sleep seriously, use blackout curtains or an eye mask. "

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