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The Best Drugstore Concealers To Make Your Dark Circles Vanish

Whether to cover rashes or mask dark circles and mask redness, we rely on concealer to do a lot. For maximum coverage, it is best to have some correctors in your arsenal of beauty to meet all needs. It is there that the best pharmacy concealers are useful. Since most of them cost less than $ 10, you can offer several shades and mix shades.

"I always mix my concealer because a concealer does not do all the work," says Kira Nasrat, makeup artist behind Kira Currently. "If you want to brighten or hide, you need different shades.You can buy three for less than $ 30." (Before you buy more makeup, disencapsulate what you have first It can just start your best year.)

So when buying concealers, it's important to have a game plan "Concealer can be difficult to buy because they have so much of different colors, types and textures, "says Kelli J. Bartlett, Artistic Director of Glamsquad." It is important that you know the use case first. Do you want it to be for the under eye, acne, redness or to correct the color? "

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Your skin type also has an impact on the formula you should use." For someone who has oily or troubled skin, you do not want to use a transparent concealer that could create more shine and draw attention to that area. "Says:" Not all markers are not created equal. "

Another thing to keep in mind when loading your cart: Do not be afraid of a formula that corrects the colors." It works so well and will make you look like you "I wear less make-up, "says Joanna Schlip, celebrity makeup artist:" Before your eyes, there is usually blue or purple, so for pale skin, you need something with yellow and for darker skin. want to neutralize with the green. "

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There are many ways to apply a concealer." It depends on your preferences: the fingers, the Brushes and sponges work well to get an application that is not too thick.More is more, "says Schlip.Barlett likes to use a small, fluffy brush for an airbrush effect under the eyes and around the nose, or a small brush to hide small spots.

Here, makeup experts choose the best markers to cover circles and spots.

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