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The Ab-Tightening Workout You're Not Doing—But Should Be

The abs are the integrated way of your body to stabilize. When you remove balance points, your abs always engage. Try it! Go from two feet to stand on one. Notice how your abs light up "." How about kneeling on "all 4's" to extend a leg or an arm. Hi, abs! Now try to put your boards on the toes and elbows, turning to one side and lifting the top of your foot and forearm (see below).

Do you feel that? Now, imagine this: you remove all the ground contact. When they are suspended in the air and try to move, your abdominals are recruited for both the strength and stability of your body. The next time you're in the gym, find a pull bar or fitness platform to which you can attach a set of ab straps. Use the attached harness to lock them up, and get ready to match your abdominal muscles! (You can also install a pull bar like this in a door frame at home to do this exercise whenever you want.)

Training: Perform 4 of each of the following exercises . Rest as long as you like. Finish 4 sets in total like this. Try doing this series once a week, in conjunction with your other basic training. (Try this basic crunchless workout that you can do standing up.)

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