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The 7 Best Natural Moisturizers To Slather On Your Face This Winter

It's time to get down to work with your moisturizer, the best friend of your skin in cold weather. Icy temperatures and cold, dry winds are very challenging, especially for our faces that are constantly exposed to the elements. Our outermost skin layer, the biologically complex stratum corneum depends on large amounts of water for optimal health. If this outer layer becomes too dry, your skin will become itchy, scaly, leathery or inflamed – all unattractive behaviors. But the daily use of a moisturizer, especially in winter, provides the shield you need to preserve the inherent elasticity of your skin. (Know the 4 biggest enemies of your dry winter skin.)

Even if you use a moisturizer religiously, some synthetic chemicals, such as parabens, not only can disrupt your hormones, but can also act as a common skin allergen. The choice of a natural or natural moisturizer, free of the usual toxic suspects, makes the best sense for the balance of your skin and your body. Reduce the field to help clean and green, but there is always a wide range of options. So, how do you separate the balsam balms?

This tic-tac-ked avocado mask will leave your skin soft and smooth:

To help you choose a winner, two experts looked at their favorite natural moisturizers

Whitney Bowe, MD, New York-based dermatologist and author of The Beauty of Dirty Skin recommends the following three moisturizers for their effective moisturizing properties, list of clean ingredients, and protective merits. 19659006]

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