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The 5 Best Mascaras, According To Makeup Artists

Mascara is the beauty hero of the lazy girl. If you do not feel like doing makeup, it's one of the few things that, when you spend on it, can instantly wake up your face. It is universally flattering and does not require any matching of difficult shades or even a ton of complicated techniques or tools. And so having a good mascara is definitely a good idea for anyone looking to improve their beauty game.

The disadvantage of mascara (besides, you know, smudging): "The mascara needs to be replaced every three months," says Ramy Gafni, makeup and eyebrow expert and creator of Ramy Cosmetics. It is constantly close to your eyes, and so if you have dirt in your tube, you could risk a gnarled eye infection.But there is a glimmer of hope at this fast expiration date, he says, "You can experiment with new formulas and brands until you find the one you like the most."

If you need help to reduce all the options, here's what five makeup artists recommend as their best choice of mascara:

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