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Stick To Your New Year's Resolution With This Home Gym Equipment—On Sale Now!

Now that we're in 2018, you're probably on the right track with your New Year's resolutions. And, it's very likely that getting in shape is at the top of your list. The good news is that most retailers are here to help, offering incredible discounts on popular fitness equipment that you can use at home.

So, if the common excuse of 2017 was "I do not have the time" you're lucky! There's no way to get close to your goals and s & # 39; Coaching in a sweat session when you can do it at your convenience, in the comfort of your home

PLUS: 6 ways nutritionists really stick to their resolutions from New Year

"As a tributary [woman] you may have the intention to go to the gym, but life bothers you. Children get sick sitters cancel; the cars must be maintained. But, if you have gym equipment at home, then you can improvise and not miss a sweat session, "says Rebecca Gahan, certified personal trainer and owner and founder of [email protected] Fitness in Chicago

. just the first step – you will want to learn how to maximize your workout with your new equipment. And here you will learn to go. Read on to find 12 great pieces of equipment to keep in your home (all on sale now!), As well as exactly how to use each item to get a good workout.

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