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Should You Be Eating More Dark Meat?

Since chickens and turkeys run and walk, their leg and thigh muscles work harder and need more oxygen. This means that they have more myoglobin, says Meme Inge, R.D.N. On the other hand, white meat can be found in the breast, breast fillet and wings. However, how does the color …

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This Walking Meditation Will Help Clear Your Mental Clutter

"At the beginning of a meditation practice, one may feel intimidated by the expectation of sitting down and totally calming the mind. Even though none of them should to be true for a seated practice, the idea that these are mandates often prevents people from taking part, "says Nicole Katz, …

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5 Reasons Your Toes Keep Cramping—And How To Get Relief

Do you know this strange thing when your toes start to twist and involuntarily twist one around the other? Or when you wake up in the middle of the night with your foot bent, motionless, and pulling with pain? What's with these cramps? (If you're having muscle cramps, here are …

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5 Balance Exercises For Stronger Core Muscles

Daily chores like transporting errands, chasing after your kids or grandchildren, and even getting out of your car all take the basic strength and balance. It is important to have a strong core and a good balance not only to feel more agile, but also to reduce the risk of …

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Daily Deal: Instant Pot Duo Mini On Sale For $48

PLUS: 8 instant pot recipes that make a healthy diet beyond easy This is no pot of a-ride, either. The Duo Mini is a 3-quarter, 7-in-1 device. It's a rice cooker, pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, stir fry, yogurt maker, and warmer. It's the little brother of the Instant Pot …

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'How I Told My Partner That I'm HIV-Positive'

I was only 22 years old when I felt that my ganglia were beginning to swell. It was painful, and one of them was so big, I could see it coming out of my neck. I went to a primary care doctor, who gave me antibiotics that helped with the …

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